AEGENTIS is an innovative company specialising in video surveillance.

AEGENTIS has acquired MTS NEW in 2015, a company founded in 1985 and active in the specialised systems sector (video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire alarms).

Our expertise

  • Video surveillance
  • Wireless network
  • ANPR solutions
  • AEGENTIS integrated systems


AEGENTIS manages and secures private and public spaces via images:


  • improving security

crime, identification, monitoring…

  • managing flows and automation

headcounts, flows, access management

  • implementation and utilisation of reporting

offences, attendance, invoicing...

AEGENTIS integrates and adapts complex technologies and also designs its own solutions which are unique in Belgium:


  • ANPR solution


  • movable camera


  • surveillance trailer

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Rue des Droits de l'Homme 2 bte 9, 7000 Mons (Belgique)

+32 65 70 18 30