AEGENTIS integrated systems

ANPR solution

AEGENTIS develops complete flow management and vehicle access systems, integrating proprietary software solutions adapted to the specific needs of the customer.


ANPR image analysis is used to manage parking areas in hotels, industrial sites, public car parks, etc.

ANPR system applications integrating our platform:


  • Capacity management

Occupancy rates, spaces available, etc.

  • Presence management

Time-keeping and presence management for staff

  • Invoicing

Occupancy time or time slot function

  • Access control

Opening and closing, identification, alerts, etc.


Movable camera

AEGENTIS has designed a movable camera, unique in Belgium.

Movable cameras can cover the whole area of a zone (bottle banks, schools, cemeteries, etc.).

Video surveillance trailer

AEGENTIS has designed a mobile trailer, with a design also unique in Belgium.



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